P60s & Tax Codes

As we are now in the new 2020/21 tax year, the following information may be useful in answering queries you may have.

• Your P60 will be made available on your employee portal under the payslip section before the end of May 2020. If you require information from your earnings in the previous year (2019/20) before then, please refer to your final payslip before 6th April 2020. This information can be found in the “Payments” section of your employee portal.

• The standard tax code for the current 2020/21 year is 1250L. If you have received a P2 notification from HMRC advising of a different tax code, then giant would have also received notification of this tax code in the form of a P9 notification and we will apply that tax code to your first payroll in this financial year. You can check the tax code we hold for you by viewing the “Notifications” section on the homepage of your employee portal.

• If you feel you should be on a different tax code, you will need to discuss this with HMRC directly as we cannot change your tax code without their instruction. You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and request they send giant a P6 tax code update. Unfortunately, HMRC do not allow us to do this for you. You will be asked for your national insurance number, your giant employee ID number and our PAYE reference number which is 475/NA66602. Please let us know if you require any assistance.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact the ESO team via the messaging section of your portal or via the live chat tool.


In order for us to answer as many queries as quickly as possible, please can you use the feedback and live chat functions on your worker portal rather than calling into the Employee Support Team by phone. You can also find lots of information on your portal which means you may be able to self-serve and find the answer to your query. This will save you time and will help us continue to support all of our employees. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, we’ll answer your queries as fast as we can but please be mindful that wait times are longer than usual.

You can use your employee portal to check your payslips, HR documents, update your details and send requests for references. If you wish to submit a request for Holiday Pay or an advance payment, these too can be submitted on your employee portal. There are help sections in various places on the portal denoted with a “?” which give a great deal of information on different aspects of your employment.

If you are set up to receive payroll alerts, we will send you an SMS or Email to advise when you will be paid and then the next day to advise how much you will receive.