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Your P60 will be available for you to view on your employee portal by 31st May 2015. It will be located in the "Payslips" section of your employee portal.

> Payment Tracker
Please note that there is a dropdown box on your Payment Tracker so that you can select the new tax year. As this is a payment tracker, you will not be able to view any timesheet or invoice details in this section until your first payroll in the new tax year has been processed. If you have any queries on an invoice we have raised for time worked since 06/04/2015 that has not yet been included in payroll, please contact your ESO and they will be happy to assist.

> Year End
The new Tax Year starts on Monday 6th April 2015. Please note that payments made to you after 6th April will take into account statutory tax changes. These changes may affect the tax and net pay values on your first payslip after the new tax year starts.

> Fuel Receipt Rates:
We would like to inform you that the fuel rates issued by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are changing. Fuel rates are reviewed quarterly by HMRC and the new rates will apply from 1st April 2015. Please note that mileage claims entered onto the system from 1st April will have the new rates applied regardless of when the fuel was purchased & travel undertaken. A separate email will be sent to you to confirm the new rates.