>Fuel Rate Changes

HMRC have published new advisory fuel rates. These will be effective at giant with immediate effect. Any mileage claims entered from this date forwards will be subject to the new receipt requirements.

The new fuel receipts requirements are detailed in the table below.

   £per 100 miles
Engine size          Petrol       LPG
1400cc or less          £11       £7
1401cc to 2000cc       £13       £9
Over 2000cc          £20       £13

£per 100 miles
Engine size          Diesel
1600cc or less          £9
1601cc to 2000cc       £11
Over 2000cc          £13

      £ per 100 miles
Engine size          Motorbike
0-250             £6
251-600          £11
601+             £12

If you have any queries on this, please do let your ESO know.
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